There are a LOT of facebook groups and resources for our team. And I know it can totally be overwhelming, but eventually, when you feel ready, there are a lot of cool ones to be a part of. The longer I have been a part of Young Living, the more I get to learn and experience that it’s a family. Our upline is incredible. Our cross-lines are incredible. We are like-minded people who are all passionate about the same thing, and it’s SO cool to be a part of! And you realize how lucky we are to have this support because there are people doing the business with no support, resources or friends to help out!

Please contact your enroller or sponsor to add you to any groups you’d like to be a part of! The main ones you should be in are underlined, the rest are just sprinkles on your sundae!

The Oil Adventures  (Run by me, Amy! Our team page, small community more one-on-one feeling for biz talk)

The Happy Oilers (Madison & Tyler Vining, Royal Crown Diamond)

Happy Oil Wellness Discussion (Oil talk after kit has been purchased)

The Refinery (Kari & Zach Lewis, Royal Crown Diamond)

Best Monday Ever (Kari’s education + giveaway group for those with a kit or interested in getting a kit)

You INFUSE (Monique McLean, Royal Crown Diamond, group for anybody)

The Lemon Droppers (Lindsay Moreno, Royal Crown Diamond, founder of Lemon Droppers, business only)

Oily Tools (If you use this app, it’s a great group to be in for updates, info and issues)

Lemon Dropper Book Club (for anyone who wants to read Lindsay’s recommended books and follow along and discuss them!)

Essential Pet Care (Oil Discussion for pet owners)

– Happy Husbands (Run by Tyler Vining, you and your husband must be in The Happy Oiler group and then husbands can check out on this post to get added)