The U.S. and most other countries have regulations in place designed to protect consumers. Many of these specifically regulate how natural wellness companies like Young Living market themselves. These regulations help make sure that companies are making true, safe claims about their products. To help protect everyone, here are some quick tips for getting the word out about Young Living products without putting yourself or Young Living at legal risk.

The simplest way to understand what you can and can’t say is to think of a horizontal wellness line. Above the wellness line is healthy and below the wellness line is unhealthy.


We can say all sorts of things about how to keep a healthy person healthy. But you cannot tell people how to bring something below the line up to the line because that’s what “drugs” do, and we don’t have the substantiated info on oils to be able to claim that. That is what doctors and professional diagnosers are for. 😉

Oils have transformed my life. But my personal experiences and freedom of speech does not replace the fact I am in a business-building setting, so no matter how remarkable it may be, it counts as an unsubstantiated claim.

I CAN say that oils help me to enjoy the outdoors in springtime! I CAN say that peppermint oil supports a healthy respiratory system or maintains proper nasal function.. etc. This is all keeping things above the line.

We must never claim or suggest that our products can cure, alleviate, treat, prevent, or diagnose a disease, symptom, or injury. These types of claims are called “disease claims.” Here are a few examples of conditions generally considered to be diseases: colds, flu, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart attacks, HIV, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, tooth decay, impotence, seizures, asthma, attention deficit disorder, ulcers, burns, mild abrasions, bruises, scars, head lice, obesity, anxiety, and depression. Many, many others belong on this list, but there isn’t enough space for all of them!

Read the below information provided by Young Living for more information on sharing the right way! This isn’t meant to scare you from sharing, it’s just to protect what hasn’t been scientifically proven. So if you have more questions please contact myself or your enroller and sponsor.


Now that you are a pro on compliance are you curious about the business basics?