Essential Rewards


If you are doing 50 PV order your 1st month, you will get 5 PV back. If you do 250 PV order your 1st month, you will get 25 PV back. For most items 1 PV = $1 and you can save them up or redeem them as often as you’d like. The larger your orders and the longer you’re on ER.. the larger your PV rewards will be! If you have any friends interested in trying oils, but not ready to buy a kit, you can add their oil order to your monthly ER order and get the points for them as well!

So you might be thinking “I don’t have $50 extra to spend right now,” and I’ll tell ya that I thought the same thing. Until I realized how many incredible products Young Living has, and how much of what I buy already (toothpaste, laundry soap, granola bars, cleaning products, shampoo, vitamins, etc) I could just STOP BUYING AT TARGET and start buying from Young Living instead! This is what I call “transfer buying,” because you’re not spending more money — you’re just spending money in a different place, and on things that are so much healthier for your family.

The only disadvantage of ER is that it is only ONCE a month. So you can not have two or more ER orders in the same month. You can always place Quick Orders but you do not get points back for your quick orders!

How to set up ER:
When you log into your Virtual Office> Essential Rewards > and follow the steps.

You’ll pick your items, a ship date, your shipping method, payment options and confirm! And remember you can change it all every month!

How to Reedem your points:
When you log into your Virtual Office> Click details under Rewards Points Balance > Shop to Redeem Points Now and follow the steps > When checking out under “how would you like to pay for your order?” select items > finish checkout

When redeeming your ER points need to cover the oil in entirely. If you have 20 PV ER points but your oil is 28 PV you will not be able to put the points towards your order.

Monthly Promo:
If you reach a certain PV you get something free. At 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV you will receive different oil/products/promotions. It changes month to month so you can always get freebies on top of your ER points. It’s nice to hit those PV amounts and adding friends orders can pay off to make those promos. You can only receive the promo if the order entirely reaches the PV amount. Meaning If you place a 100 PV ER order and then a 90 PV quick order later, you will not get the 190 PV bonus!

We advise you check your ER order the day before and the day after it processes. IF an item goes OOS (Out Of Stock) Young Living will automatically take it out of your order so you will not be charged for it, but you will also not get the PV for it. This could make you drop down to where you don’t have enough PV total to get paid your commission or if you were trying to get the monthly promo but your PV drops, you won’t get the promo items. It’s best for us to stay on top of our orders but if for some reason it slips by without your knowledge, hop on live chat or call customer service and they will try to help you get your order fixed!


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