Lets Chat

I’m not an expert and I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I have tried and failed and kept going at this business. The blessing is that failure helped me learn and I am more than willing to pass it along. I try my best to reach out and contact everyone on the team, but I know sometimes life happens and I’m sorry.

Because of that, I want you all to know that I offer 1 on 1 and group video calls. And if you’re local to me, let’s grab coffee together.

I’m not a doctor, so it’s best these chats aren’t all about oil use! But you will get my undivided attention answering any and all questions to help you and your business grow. Along with a friend to help you when you’re tired, confused, excited, need to process, and trying to figure out your next steps.


How do they work?
You’ll fill out a questionnaire prior to the call so I can make sure I have the answers for you!
I’ll have a few questions for you to help you move forward.
And then we’ll develop the next steps for you to act on!

To take the next step in scheduling a chat, please do the following:

– Email theoiladventures@amylorraine.com with CHAT in the subject line.

– In the body of your email please share the following: name, sponsor and enroller, occupation besides oil lover, who you’re hoping to chat with.. Just me? your sponsor? enroller? your leaders? you and your dog? And the general purpose of what you want to chat about!

– I’ll respond with available dates as well as a link to the pre-chat questionnaire to be filled out!


Just having a rough day? Need a little pep talk? 

Remember girl, You’ve got this!

Minion kiss screen
On any day that you may forget that.. come here, visit us and remember that there is a team fighting for you and loving you 100%.

If you need help with ideas or just a shoulder to cry on.. message me.