OOTW | Lavender Essential Oil

It’s time for the OIL OF THE WEEK! And to kick us off, we’ve got Lavender. The swiss army knife of oils and one of my personal favorites.

Oil Of The Week | OOTW | Lavender | www.theoiladventures.com
Lavender comes from Utah, Idaho, and France farms. I am DYING to go to the farm in Utah because I’ve seen too many photos of friends jumping in lavender fields without me! The first time I diffused 2 drops of Lavender Quentin slept for 7 hours straight through the night!

OOTW | Lavender Essential Oil | www.TheOilAdventures.com

Lavender helps support and promote:

Feelings of calm, relaxation and balance
Healthy hair and skin
Restful sleep
and a ton more

5 Favorite ways to use Lavender:

– In my skin care routine [It’s in the ART Gentle Foaming Cleanser, lip balm and my body wash. And I use it mixed with coconut oil as lotion]
– Diffused at night before bedtime
– In my mermaid spray bottle to promote healthy hair
– Diffused with peppermint and lemon to support seasonal changes
– In a hot bath with epsom salts

Fun Fact:

Lavender is one of the few essential oils to still be listed in the British Pharmacopoeia.


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