The Team


Together, we’re unstoppable.

We’re a community of passionate women who are building lifestyles where we fulfill our dreams, rock who we are authentically and change the world with our fire.

Do you want to turn your wildest dreams into your everyday life? Well, we’re making it easy for you to succeed. This community gets inspired, works our booty’s off while living a healthier happier lifestyle. Most of all we work together to make each one of us a success. Because when you know better, you do better and you live better.

Once signing up with our team you are officially a Lemon Dropper, Happy Oiler and Oil Adventurer! You might not know this yet, but it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. We are record makers and sale breakers and we are responsible for sharing our oily love to the biggest growing part of Young Living.

Who are The Oil Adventures? We are a group of Young Living essential oil distributors excited to share all of our oily knowledge with you. The mission is to help our team use and love their oils because they’ve helped us so much. We also want to make the business side of Young Living as easy as possible to understand and navigate, if you decide to pursue it.

If the business side interests you, we are a committed team to helping each and everyone in our downline succeed because we see it happen over and over again. The possibility is amazing! If you don’t have any interest, we have a no pressure, no strings attached philosophy. If you want it, we want to help you. If you don’t, we just want you to love your oils and know how to use them!

Now that you know about us, let’s get you started learning about essential oils!