The Basics


One of my favorite things about this business is that once you order your kit, you can get started trying the business. The month you order your kit is actually the best time to get started! There are a WHOLE lotta resources but one of the best things is that you will bring new fresh perspective to your business. Your passion and excitement will lead you on to great things.


How To Sign Up Someone?

When someone is interested in purchasing a kit, you will need to give them your link to do so.

To create your personalized link, look at mine:

My member number is1921693. It is in that link twice (after “sponsorid=” and “enrollerid=” ). Grab your member number (go to and get yours after signing in.) Replace YOUR member number in BOTH places you see mine in that link.

Create your link, and bookmark it and/or save it in a file so that you have it easily accessible to send when friends ask you for more information!

When they buy the Premium Starter Kit, you will get $50 and also start earning commissions and bonuses from them (explained in the videos). What I love about this structure is that it encourages us to always help the people below us.. because it helps us!

 Other Tips:


Take your own pictures

When sharing on social media make sure your images are clear and bright enough. Use an app like PicTapGo, and play around with the filters until you decide on a style you like. People tend to skip over stock photos (like the ones from YL’s website) and another way to connect with your friends genuinely, is to use pictures that you took in your everyday life. So they know you’re not just pushing a product.. and that you’re ACTUALLY using them!


What to do when someone asks for more information?

  1. Connect with them!
  2. Share a few sentences about what you use your oils for and why.
  3. Include info about what comes in the PSK and send them to this site so they can read up on oils!
  4. Share your sign up link and some quick info on checking out!
  5. Offer your support and ask what questions they have.


“I don’t know if I could do the business… I’m not a salesperson.”

My first thought? GOOD! Because I’ve been approached by salespeople (walking through the mall, at the state fair, online when people message me to buy other products…) and nothing leaves a worse taste in my mouth.

I didn’t get to be a Silver distributor by being salesy, and you won’t either.

After I bought my kit and before I really tried them, I took a photo and shared my excitement about trying them on social media, because that’s what I do. Post on social media a lot. 😉 I had a few friends ask me about it and I thought hey I’ll send them the link and get them hooked up too! That first month I sold enough kits to cover the cost of the kit I had just bought!

Soon I had like 7-8 friends under me. Several of them were sharing too and they began to sign people up too. The next thing I knew, I had 50 people under me (it grows really fast). We were all just sharing as we learned our way through the kit of oils, and people were jumping on board. There was no “selling,” only sharing. No approaching people, but simply answering questions when people approached us.

Being a salesperson. TOTALLY not part of the job. In fact it’s best if you have ZERO experience in sales. And you don’t need a big social media “following” either. Your friends, family, and acquaintances will do – after all, they’re the people who trust you the most. 95% of my signups have been from my PERSONAL facebook page, and not random strangers who follow my Instagram account. Why? Because people don’t just hop in and buy things from strangers. The people who are going to be excited to sign up with you are your coworker, your cousin, your kids’ babysitter, your neighbor, the mom in the pickup line behind you. Trust me on this.

So while we’re throwing our excuses on the fire and chasing our dreams, let’s toss this “I’m not a salesperson” out the window. Yes?

Not a salesperson? GOOD. This is the team for you!


Ready for more?

Make sure you have the password from your enroller so you can start Diving Deeper!