You Ordered… Now What?


So you got a kit! Now what? First things first..

YAS Minion We’re excited for you to learn about your oils and get started using them!

And now to the best part.. how do I use them?!

There are 3 ways in which oils can be use.. aromatically, topically or internally.

  • Diffuser – It breaks up essential oils into microparticles and disperses into the air. No heating is involved which ensures that the full benefits of the oils are retained. You can combine oils into the diffuser.
  • Inhale – You can either inhale straight from the bottle or apply a drop or two to the palm, rub your hands together, cup over your nose and inhale deeply.

  • Dilute – Choose a carrier oil and either place a small amount in your hand, or put some in a glass container. Add the drops of essential oils to carrier oil, then mix together. Rub hands together and apply to the desired area. Use caution around sensitive areas.
  • Roll On -Attach a roller fitment to your essential oil bottle, then simply roll onto desired body area neat (meaning not diluted with carrier oil). Avoid doing this with hot oils such as Oregano or Panaway.

  • Capsule – Put drops into an empty vegetable capsule, fill rest capsule with carrier oil, close and then take with glass of water
  • In Liquid – Add 1-2 drops to a glass of water or mix with your Ningxia Red!

DISCLAIMER!: Please follow the instructions on each individual product label. To ensure safety, only use pure essential oils, labeled as supplements and proven safe for dietary usage. Contact a medical professional with any questions  regarding ingestion of essential oils.

When can I use the oils with plastics?

We know that essential oils interact with many forms of chemistry, including some plastics. Many varieties of plastics exist, some of which are more impervious to essential oils than others. While this is a concern, not all plastics are as delicate as others and not all essential oils affect plastics in the same way. Citrus oils, in particular, have a chemical composition that is known to interfere with the chemistry of plastics. We should only use plastics that will not breakdown when exposed to essential oils. For instance, Young Living uses plastic parts (lids, orifices, diffusers, etc.) that are made of HDPE plastic and will not be broken down by essential oils. Typically, HDPE plastic as well as plastics number 1 (PETE) and 2 are safe for use with essential oils. Another alternative is using vessels made of other materials such as glass or certain metals.



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